Terry and Jennifer started Montana made Papa Larrys Pizza Dough, LLC in 2014. the idea came from something that Jennifer has been doing for over 20 years, the idea of making homemade pizza dough and gifting it to friends and family along with a pizza pan or a jar of her favorite or homeade marinara. When she moved to Montana, coming from the Northwest, she continued to do this for her friends and co-workers at "gift exchange" time, one of her closest Montana girlfriends said, you should sell this stuff!. As we do when figuring our way out here in Montana, Jennifer had three jobs at the time and decided, why not?

Both Terry and Jennifer get their hard work ethics from their parents, Terry's mom and dad, Duane and Nancy and Jennifers parents, Dorothy, Bud and Larry. Larry was Jenifers father and pretty much self-employed his whole life, as were Jennifers parents who raised her, Dorothy and Bud. It seemed natural to start your own business, a little hard work, goes along way after all! We had no idea how hard it would be, here we are seven years later, having built a commercial kitchen, because there was no way to grow the business, by renting one. Jennifer's Aunt susan, financially helped them with this cost and so therefore, became a partner, she is also Larry's sister.

They started with 1 flavor of the frozen dough, which was the Honey-Wheat, after discovering the amazing flour they would use, grown right here in the state of Montana, they also decided to use local honey and eventually local garlic for the garlic flavored doughs. Our product truly is Montana Made.! the picture on the package is Larry, "Papa Larry", that was his last ice fishing trip to Montana, before he passed away up at Georgetown Lake, one of their favorite places to go fishing. Because some of the startup money came from Jennifer's dad, they decided to name it after him, and in honor of all of their parents and the hard work ethic that was passed to them.

Terry and Jennifer, live in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana, along with their animals and hunt and fish when they get the chance. Papa Larry's Pizza Dough, continues to grow and now sells their dry mix online, if you haven't tried it yet, you should, we truly believe, along with our customers, that it is possibly one of the best pizza doughs you will ever have!

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