We are SO excited to announce that we are now shipping our dry mix.  Call 406-361-9098 or click on the buy now button below to order.

Sale !! Mix and Match our new 3 flavors for 21$!

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Order a NEW mix and match – 3 flavors for 21$!! Limited time!

Order 2 Dry Dough Mixes, Click Buy Now below!

2 Bags of Papa Larry’s Dry Mix

Order 3 Dry Dough Mixes, Click Buy Now below!

3 Bags of Papa Larry’s Dry Mix

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4 Bags of Papa Larry’s Dry Mix

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6 Bags of Papa Larry’s Dry Mix

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8 Bags of Papa Larry’s Dry Mix

Each dry dough package is 7.50.  To reduce shipping costs, we are requiring a minimum 2 package order and domestic sales only.  Orders will be sent out within 3 business days.  Possible discount on large orders.  Call 406-361-9098 to talk about large orders.  Dry packages not for resale. Minimum of 2 dough mixes per order please.

9 thoughts on “Shop for Dough”

  1. We got a sample of your garlic dough and it was SO good! I made Calzones with it and would love more of it for pizza.

  2. Hello Terry and Jennifer,

    I love what you’re doing. Pizza makes people happy.

    Conservation Grains, in Choteau MT, mills whole grain flour blends. We have a pizza dough blend called Bucking the Sun Pizza Flour. Bucking the Sun is a blend of hard white and hard red wheat, rye and buckwheat.

    Please take a look at Conservation Grain’s website. Also our Instagram account. If you would like to test-bake a sample, I’ll send you some flour to try.

    Best regards,
    Judy Cornell

    1. Hello Judy & thank you for your offer. We love & appreciate COMMENTS & yes I agree that pizza makes people happy! We use only Kamut Flour & we are pretty happy with what we are doing. I will check out your website sorry for the late response!

  3. If I order dry dough, how do I specify the type I want? Trying to order 2 dry mixes of each variety. Is that possible?

    1. Hello Antionette, we only sell the white pizza dough as dry right now. we are working on a 2nd flavor and it should be out mid july. I apologize for the late response. any other questions, feel free to call 2 406-361-9098 thank you, Papa Larry’s!

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